Coronavirus Tracking August 6, 2021

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Coronavirus Illness (COVID-19) Tracking! Postdated. Data as of: August 8, 2021 These CDC US reports includes all 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Palua, Republic of Marshall Islands, and US Virgin Islands. These are cases reported to the CDC since January 21, 2020. Nationwide there have been 35,665,877 reported cases and 614,291 reported deaths […]

Building Your First Aid Kit


Sometimes we stumble, bump into things, or find ourselves feeling less than our best without any given warning. Keeping a first aid kit handy and stocked can be a big help when we either need to care of ourselves or need to contain and sterilize something prior to seeking professional care. Here are a few […]

Heat Related Illnesses


In the hot summer months, we know it’s important to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and take breaks from the sun when possible. But what are the consequences of not doing those things? Heat related illness. The thing is, heat related illness can look different for different people. According to the CDC, the more extreme consequences […]

Health and Hydration


While it’s not always our favorite beverage, we all know that water is essential for health. But why? What is it about water intake that is so important for the human body? Below, we have a few facts to answer that question! First, we have what happens when we are dehydrated- meaning we haven’t been […]

Tips to Using Sunscreen Correctly


July and August are often the months where people all over the country make the most of the summer weather by getting some sunshine. Naturally, spending some time outdoors means taking care to protect ourselves by hydrating and wearing sunscreen. But are you using the right type of sunscreen to protect yourself, and are you […]

Sports Physicals for Kids Health


When Fall comes around, there are lots of opportunities for kids to play sports. We can all agree that we want our teams to be as healthy as possible when playing for school, in a league, at church, or anywhere else. Even though we are just getting into the swing of Summer, it’s not too […]

5 Tips for Fireworks Safety


Many of us look forward to the bright spectacle of a fireworks show at the center of many Fourth of July celebrations. But as beautiful as the lights can be, we shouldn’t forget that fireworks can be dangerous. With the holiday this coming weekend, we have 5 Tips for Fireworks Safety to prevent injuries so […]

Common Migraine Triggers


June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month! Headaches and migraines are something almost everyone has experienced at one point or another. To put it mildly… they are not fun! Sometimes though, balancing our diets and avoiding “triggers” for these headaches can help us prevent them altogether. Below, we have a list of things that […]

Summer Camps and COVID-19


School is out, and for kids that often means attending summer camps for fun and learning, too. Since COVID-19 has changed the world we once lived in, there are new concerns for parents, guardians, and camp operators for keeping kids safe. The CDC has continued to work hard since last summer to understand what precautions […]

A Healthy Home and Your Health


When you think about health, you probably think about the human body and all the things that contribute to being either healthful or sickly. But what about where our bodies spend time… like our homes? June is National Healthy Homes Month at the CDC, partnered with the National Center for Healthy Housing. So how do […]